Is Today only Wednesday?

This is going to be a long post. Just telling you that upfront. Pull up a chair and a big cup of coffee.
Last week Tuesday my back yard looked like this-
Monday it started to rain, Tuesday the river broke it's bank and started to flood my backyard. Now, thank the Lord, it's receding. Here is what it looks like now-

Wardrobe Therapy-

Piles of piles. I do have a lot less spring/summer clothes than winter stuff. I would like to say it's because spring/summer is shorter so I have less of a need. I would like to say that. I don't think it's true though. So here is my stuff. It's all good with exception of one or two pieces.

Skirts, pants, and jeans- There are 7 skirts total they are all staples except one- top right is a black and white skirt- I love this skirt. Top middle is a denim skort- again, it's great. Middle bottom are 2 black knit jersey stretch skirts. Both pencil type, they come right below my knee which for me is perfect. Top left is a black skirt, pencil type but a little short, to my knee- and I have really ugly knee caps (volleyball injuries) so this had to go I think. Bottom left are 2 skirts, a line, below my knee, they are identical one is solid brown, the other a brown print. I wear them later in the season when it gets to near fall.
4 Pair of Khaki pants. The two on the right side are both from Eddie Bauer. Flat front, straight leg, good length. Nice pants. The top left is a pair of dockers- they are ok. I would like them to be more of a straight leg or bootcut, but they are ok. The bottom left is a strange pair of khaki bootcut cargo pants from Tommy Hilfiger. They have this weird lace detail that I despise. I think they may be to tight too. They go into a pile to think about and probably will be sent away to be replaced with something less "girly" I mean, come on- lace cargo pants? There is a mystery shopping purchase.
I actually have 5 pair of jeans I like, but one is dirty right now. As you can see they are all dark, 2 are levis, one is a j jill, the other is gap. The missing pair are lees. They are all bootcut except the j jill and the gap pair- those are straight leg. The bottom right is the gap pair and I am less thrilled with them. I may move those to the not everyday wearing and to the odd jobs/dirty jobs pile.
Here are my jackets.

linen lands end spring green.

blue linen shirt/jacket

Jones NY dress jacket

Brown suit w/ pants above, and very very loud silk shirt that is about 10 years old. I wear it like a jacket over a white t shirt and either black pants or jeans. This is my favorite shirt/jacket of all time. It's an Eddie Bauer washable suede shirt. Black or course, with western styling and snaps. I bet I wear this 4 times a week. When it dies I will cry real tears.
This is the weird thing- when I took my jeans out of my closet, stuck to the back was this little doll. I made it- it's a little one I make for re sale. I just know I didn't put it in here. My son can't reach this high and my husband didn't do it either. How did it get in here? With it's hair stuck in bracket hole? How long has it been in here? Creepy..........
Apartment Therapy Spring Cure Week 4

  • I have finished spackeling, priming and painting the boys walls.
  • purchased a new curtain rod for his room, hung the new curtains to check for length ( I still have to sew them, they are just pinned up there for now.
  • put new pictures in frames for him and for the rest of the house.
  • planned the large wall in his room for his new African masks, paintings and artwork which I am in the process of framing (from a 1935 children's story book)
  • cleaned out the old medicines from all over the house (there were more than I thought) and moved all medicine to a lock box on a high shelf of the linen closet for safety from a grabby 3 yr old
  • transferred all my junk to a new purse
  • brought up a new/old rug for the boys room and decided to go back to the large blue rug for the living room
  • ordered a new cooking book for my Mom for my Dads new dietary requirements and some special books for my Mr. I love Amazon

I got a lot less done on Monday and Tuesday than normal because the MR. was sick at home with a cold and no voice (he's better and back at work today) so I had 2 babies to take care of.....

I have a huge list of things to do this week, but very little energy. Today is just general cleaning day- floors, laundry, bathrooms and kitchen. Maybe tonight I will bring up the rugs and secretary..... or maybe I will veg and watch tv.


Colleen (aka CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

gosh, I'm exhausted just reading about it all! sounds like you are making extraordinary progress- I've really got to get my act in gear!

Alana in Canada said...

I can't wait to see your boy's room. I think it's wonderful you are planning his wall for him. My son complained about bare walls...I did nothing and so he took care of it himself. His walls are literally papered with his drawings. It's kind of neat, but stimulating. (Reminds me of a ten year old version of Jonathan B's walls, actually).

lorijo said...

Well, we picked out 2 African masks to put up there, I painted him a picture, then we picked out the lithos out of an old kids book. He'll "help" with the placement- in his mind. Plus he got the bull horns back (he loved those stupid horns ) but I wrapped them in a wooly fabric to look more like water buffalo than regular bull, and my Mom is giving us a very tiny set of deer spike horns from the 30's that kind of look like antelope.
I hope he likes it- but he'll tell me if he doesn't.