week zero Apartment Therapy cure list

I am not totally sure why we needed a week zero. I was all ready to start work and kick some butt so I started early. Besides, since I have a house, sometimes 8 weeks just isn't enough time to do the cure right- especially the cleaning part of it.
So what did I do this week? Well, first I didn't spend to much time on the thinking phases of this cure. This is number 3 for me, and I know what my house is saying.
My house is

  • Bi-Polar. The public areas are clean and re done. The not so public areas are, well, not so clean, or re done. I have some storage issues and clutter abounds in those storage areas. My husband is kinda lazy when it comes to clutter and picking up.

  • Dusty. Boy is it dusty. With the boy, the man , the dog and cat- there's all sorts of fur, dust, bits of kid food, crayons, paper, etc... it collects in corners and under things. It is a constant battle to keep on top of it.

  • Small. My house is small and it knows it. It is not ashamed- but it is aware of the problem

What I did this week-

I didn't feel around the walls- that's for sure. I know my outside walls are cold in the winter- DUH I live in Michigan. Ditto for the windows. But I watched the suns location through the windows now, and I tried to figure out how well the heater was working in each room so we can adjust that. Then I cleaned-

  • On Sunday- I took everything out of the living room, cleaned everything and re arraigned the furniture just a bit. I took some of the boys toys out too....

  • On Monday- I primed the new bar table my Mr. built and went to Lowes where I looked for some paint colors for the boys room (being redone when the snow melts) and some curtains for my new room. I found both.

  • On Tuesday- I cleaned the main bathroom- including the toilet and the floor, and the kitchen floor.

  • On Wednesday- I was sick. I had my MIL over for dinner, and I cleaned out the computer of some bad digital pictures(dark, unfocused etc) and some older photos I had saved for style trays etc....

  • On Thursday - I hung the new curtains, cleaned the kitchen, primed the new wall in the laundry and the new trim in the kitchen. Lost is on tonight so no work tonight. I am a couch potato tonight.

  • On Friday - I went to town and bought some really great fabric to make 2 decorative pillow shams to go with the new curtains. I opened up the house and aired it out. Even though it was under 20 degrees I couldn't wait any longer. I set my budget for this cure at 100.00 for the bedroom, 100.00 for the boys room, and 200.00 for plants outside. I will go into the breakdown at a later date.

  • On Saturday- I took a walk outside for the first time in weeks. I got down to the river and looked around. I took some pictures- it was fabulous. It was 8 degrees, but it was fabulous. I cleaned some more in my studio. About 30 minutes- got rid of a few boxes of storage (took to the basement) and finished like stuff with like stuff in boxes. I framed one of my brothers prints that he sent up to me. I cleaned the kitchen and spot dusted around the house. I sat with the boy and talked about his room. He wants it green- and I think we have decided on a safari theme- back to Africa meets British Colonial maybe. That may change and I don't have much more ideas past that right now. I know the room won't be animal prints and posters though for sure. We watched Torchwood and Dr Who on the BBC America and looked through magazines for style tear sheets.

  • On Sunday I worked more in my studio and found some items for both bedrooms, I painted test swatches on the bedroom walls, my Mr. put some trim up on the new built in bar table, and he assures me he will finish caulking before the night is over. I cleaned my bathroom. Here is what my son wants his new room to look like (right now at least)


curing what ails me said...

you got sooo much done!

CQ in DC said...

Heck, I wouldn't mind if my room looked like that!

Seems like you had a productive week- congrats!

lorijo said...

thanks- we'll see if I can keep it up. I have decided I have more to do than I originally thought. I need to keep on track and not get overwhelmed ( and still get everything else done too)

Alana in Canada said...

Holy doodle, you keep on like this and I'll send you a virtual trophy!

Amazing amount of work. Puts me to shame.

stellarmom said...

WOW! All that in your first week??? Congrats on an amazingly productive week.

Monica said...

Wow - I thought I was doing good to reorganized and paint my laundry room...

You're officially my motivator!

lorijo said...

thanks everyone,