Apartment Therapy Cure Week 1- Abreviated

I learned last night that my Dad is going in for a heart operation on Friday. HE IS OK right now. He had a stress test on Monday, and although it looked fine going in, apparently after the stress it did not. The left side of his heart is not getting oxygen. He has not had a heart attack, but they also aren't taking any chances and are getting him taken care of asap. Thank God for health insurance. Here's the kicker though. My Dad found out about this because of my son.

I took a weekend trip a couple weeks ago, and my husband took my son over to their house to go sledding. Apparently, my Dad felt a little tired, and his throat "burned" A week later he told his Dr. about it- and he felt that a stress test was in order. If it wasn't for the sledding incident, he wouldn't have gotten the stress test. As some of you know, I had cancer that was detected ONLY because I was pregnant with my son. Because of my son I am alive today. Because of my son my Dad discovered he had a heart problem. Weird huh? I think he's my little lucky charm.

So, today will be the last day of my week 1. I fully expect to be back at this on Sunday, but I have to go to the hospital with my Mom and stay with her during this time. I kicked it into high gear today and this is what I got done this week-

  • Monday I was sick all day and didn't do anything except sleep.
  • Tuesday I went shopping (grocery and otherwise- got a great new doorknocker) made some shopping lists for the new bedroom items I need to find, put together boxes to hold those new items until I can use them, sculpted 2 new doll heads, did the dishes and the laundry, and my Mr. finished caulking the kitchen.
  • On Wednesday I- got hotel info for our hospital stay, put more stuff in the "sell" box, cleaned my closet and the front hall closet, cleared out the landing strip and did my filing, addressed and mailed the Easter cards, cleaned the main bathroom, vacuumed the entire house, stripped the beds and remade them, aired out the entire house for 4 hours, did phonics work with my boy, and cleaned the laundry room. I cleaned all the public spaces, my bedroom and my sons room. I worked in my studio for another 15 min. and actually now have enough floor space cleaned off that I could vacuum in there.

As for green cleaning- listen, I hate chemicals and chemicals hate me (not as much as SCB). I use a micro fibre dusting cloth for dusting (DUH) and I also use a 1 1/2 inch paintbrush for dusting- it's great for dusting picture frames, little knick knacks, blinds and window frames. For my floors, to wash my floors I actually use mostly Hot water on a cloth diaper attached to an old swiffer. It works great, and I just throw it into the washer when I'm done- the diaper- not the swiffer. For tougher stuff on the floor, I use some floor cleaner (Method) on the diaper. I use Bon Ami for scouring, Clorox Green Works toilet cleaner (Tang just doesn't cut it at my house), Method window cleaner, and lysol antibacterial wipes for stuff like chicken juice and really icky stuff that I feel need to die.

So that's it- wish my Dad luck!


scb said...

Hope all goes well -- it's good they found the problem before it blossomed into an attack or anything like that.

All the best to you and your Dad and your Mom and everybody.

Take care of yourself in the midst of taking care of everyone else!

CQ in DC said...

Wow- what a week we're all having! My thoughts are with you and your family; I'm so delighted that they caught this before anything bad happened. I can't believe how much you got done this week despite being sick and having to plan for this trip.
Stay safe and healthy!

Alana in Canada said...

You are amazing. What a whirwind.

REST while you are with your Mom, OK? Relax. Read something. Hug lots. I'll be thinking of you and your family. I'm sure everything will be fine.

lorijo said...

thank you all. I am just checking in while my final load of laundry goes round- (want to make sure the boys have enough undies while I'm gone you know) then, I'm off to help them get ready and the procedure is tomorrow morning.
I feel really bad for my Dad though, because my Mom won't let him do ANYTHING right now. She wouldn't let him blow up a ballon last night because "he needs all his oxygen inside him right now" I think she's going to be a real piece of work for me to handle these next couple of days.

drwende said...

Phew! Good thing someone caught the problem!

Good luck to your dad.

J-fer Rose said...

Wishing your dad the best. My dad has had one heart attack and two strokes, and it can be incredibly stressful for everyone. The good news is that a full recovery is possible!