Wardrobe Therapy- Shirts- oh boy piles and piles!

For someone who spent over 20 years in the great southwest desert- I sure don't have a lot of summer clothes. My piles are rather meager and colorless. Unless of course, you happen to love black and white. Here they go
3 identical eddie bauer (eb) t's. good v neck- good sleeves
  • 2 old navy t's. Too low of a v neck. kinda slutty. going to goodwill
  • 2 old navy t's scoop neck- one olive, one orangy pattered. Nice.
    Lee jeans white w/blue pattern t. again, good scoop neckline, good condition
    EB 3/4 sleeve v neck t brown. Not the best color for summer, but a good t shirt
  • 2 Mossimo t shirts 1 blk, 1 white. ok. probably will transition to sleepwear.
  • 3 rabbity old navy t shirts. Out of rotation. Going into the garden wear pile.
  • 2 tissue weight black t shirts. 1 3/4 sleeves, 1 short sleeve. Both scoop neck. Both great with skirts or jeans.
  • Spring/Summer button down shirts. NO short sleeved. I hate short sleeve shirts. I only have black and white shirts. I think here is an opportunity for some color too...

    • Black and white tunic. It's in really nice condition, but I think I am over the tunic look
    • Jones of NY white linen shirt. I don't wear this much. I don't really know why. I think I am going to and decide if it's something I really want to keep
    • Banana Republic white button down shirt. I like this one with jeans. It's a nice light weight
    • Liz Clayborn white linen shirt with some embroidery on it. I like it. The black one though- not as much. It has these ties at the 3/4 sleeve bottom, and when I wore it it seemed to wrinkle even more than linen usually does. Probably going away.
    • Gauze tunic shirt. I actually have 2 of these. One with pink embroidery, one with blue. I wear them over a tank top. I will keep these because with jeans they look rather nice.

    These are my knits for the season.

    • I have 3 identical EB lightweight sweaters (only 2 are shown, the other is in the wash), one is black, one is sky blue, the other is the darker blue. I love these sweaters. I wish they had a white or a pink one.....
    • Banana Republic open weave longer tunic sweater . It's ok. I have to wear a tank under it.

    My cruddy t shirts. I love these bad boys. When I can't wear them any longer, I cut the image off them and sew them into a throw. Here are the 6 I have right now.

    • Mojo Hand is my brothers art business
    • the skeleton riding a horse with birds is great for biking
    • Chuys was my favorite mexican restaurant in Austin
    • the thunderbird lounge is the first to be replaced this season
    • The idol hand is something that I actually wear out with a suede western shirt and jeans.
    • The Salt Lick t (the best bbq restaurant on the PLANET) I wear when I grill or make brisket. (I have a case of Salt Lick sauce that I get every year on my birthday. )

    SO that is what I have for tops. A lot of black, some white, no real color. I wear t shirts all the time, and I don't have an outside job to dress for, so that is what I am going to focus on. Some colors with a good cut. I think 3 t shirts will do me, and 2 fresh tank tops (black/white) maybe a new light weight sweater. I do need a lot of black t shirts due to what I do in the summer, but the old ones will do just fine this season. When I go to garage sales and flea markets I don't want a lot of dirt and ick to show, and I don't want to dress all that well so I can get a good deal (look like you have money and stuff is going to be higher!)


    zooza said...

    Your summers sound like fun - getting mucky in the garden and going to flea markets and stuff. I'm all for any activity where you end up dusty or muddy. ;-)

    lorijo said...

    me too... It's too bad that people have to work.

    drwende said...

    I like your shirt collection. A clear personality comes through.