I can't believe this!

This is RIGHT NOW. As I type this, we are getting more snow. As I look out my window right now- it's snowing even harder. There looks to be about 3 inches out there since last night and "they" say we will be getting- gulp- 5 to 9 INCHES of snow today. Yesterday the boy and I were walking around the house, looking at the iris bulbs that were shooting up, moving the dead branches from around the house. There was snow, but it was old snow. And there was a lot of grass showing. It was sunny, 40 and nice.
I hate winter. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.
Ok, now that that is out of my system, it's back to work. (It's a good day for work- what the hell else am I going to do?)


MORE SNOW! yesterday the roads were clear- there was no snow down at the river!


drwende said...


And there's something about snow after Easter that is just WRONG, no matter how early Easter was.

Colleen (aka CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

good lord that looks terrible. I will cross my fingers for a sudden quick thaw for you...

lorijo said...

yes, it's bad. There's about 5 inches on the ground now. My Mr. just called from town and apparently everyone has forgotten how to drive in snow already- cars are everywhere.
Plus- my Dad can't snowblow or shovel and they live at the top of a hill- I may have to go over and dig them out!

Alana in Canada said...


scb said...

Snow. Gack. Ick. Pooey. Do not want.

Hope the flowers get their second chance soooooooon. (yes, that needed that many Os. It did.)