The Cure- week 3.

I have no energy this week. After the blizzard on Tuesday it just sort of sucked the life right out of me. The weather isn't bad now (actually it was rather nice on Wed.) but it's going to rain, freezing rain and snow for the next week- so it's hard to get rather rah rah right now. I should tell you that I have found since moving up here I hate March. I hate it. The weather sucks and I am over winter by now. The snow is dirty, the weather is unpredictable, and there isn't much going on. That is why I started doing the cure- it gave me something to focus on.

This is my done list so far for this week-

  • Monday I spent it doing normal household jobs- dishes, laundry, the bathrooms etc... took a while because I took the weekend off. I also took down the shower curtain and put up the new summer one, cleaned up the landing strip , took pics and put them on Flickr, and found a container to put the fall curtain rings in. I put them in a box and put them near my fall curtains in storage.

  • Tuesday I spent looking up stuff on the computer ( native grasses for my hillside, low sodium cookbooks for my mother, re-usable bags for the grocery store) I made my shirt piles for WT, I packed up my winter clothes and my boys winter clothes. I cleaned and organized my closet and the boys closet. I put out our spring stuff. I also made 2 pillow shams for my bedroom, and a valence for my boys room (but I have to fix that because it's too long.)

  • Wednesday I took the boy to the lake. The big lake. We ran on the sand dunes, ate at McDonalds, went to some junk stores and picked up driftwood. The only work I did was to go through the hats and gloves and organize those-because we needed some.

  • Thursday I did general housework again, did some paint swatches on the bedroom wall, made dinner for the Mother in Law, and did some work on the garage sale plans (ad verbiage, inclusion on the city wide garage sale map, layout map of the sale)

  • Friday (today) I have cleaned out the washer and the dishwasher, cleaned out the buffet drawers and the scrapbooking drawers, cleaned out my organizer, started work on the final paint job in the laundry room and cleaned the laundry room floor.

I still have a lot more to do, but this will have to do for now.

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Alana in Canada said...

What you do in a day, I manage in about a week. Please don't be hard on yourself. March IS a rotten month, but it's nearly over. You'll be glad to have all this done so that when the good weather arrives, you won't be stuck inside.