Apartment Therapy Cure- Week 3 already??

I am so glad that my landing strip has worked for me since the last few cures. I will really get to do other work this week- finishing the laundry room, working on my dolls ( I am six behind now) , general household cleaning, and putting together the last bits of stuff for my boys new room. So here is my done list for the past weekend ( I really only worked on Thursday, I was sick Friday and Saturday (Food poisoning from my "run to the border" on Friday for lunch) and then Sunday was Easter. And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed......)

Here are the tasks that I had to do for week 2 AT cure:
  • Fix one thing yourself- replaced a broken deadbolt lock
  • Clean/clear one surface- I cleared off the bar table surface that collects a jumble of crap
  • Visions- Names for my style. I have no clue. I don't really think like that. Giving my dolls names sends me into fits. I know what I like, what I want to do, but I don't give it a name. But I tried, so here it it- For my son's room the style name is "out of Africa" more safari than kiddie zoo, I think it fits. For my bedroom- I'm thinking "summery beachhouse" because my bedroom changes with the seasons and it's lighter and brighter, with flowers curtains, shell and paintings of the Caribbean.
  • the living room and the rest of the house is more "rustic modern cabin " because I can't move my house-it's on the water and in the woods- and I have deer horns and Herman Miller.
  • DONE ( Thursday)
  1. Filled 4 "to sell" boxes
  2. Filled HUGE "karma" bag and took that to Goodwill
  3. Finished cleaning and organizing the pantry
  4. cleaned under the stove and fridge
  5. 2 loads of laundry
  6. found a "go" bag for my son and filled it- travel potty seat, kan-do wipes, disinfectant spray and wipes, extra pair of underwear and pants and first aid kit. (he's never had an accident, but there's always a first time.)
  7. Painted the nicks etc on the cabinets, touched up missed spots on the bead board
  8. re did the kitchen art shelf and put up new art for the kitchen
  9. did the touch up paint job on the green kitchen walls
  10. dusted the light fixtures
  11. put up the summer curtains ( to soon I think, but I am desperate for spring)
  12. packed up the winter curtains and took to the storage room

To Do list for the week

  • look up and find re usable shopping bags
  • find a container to put used pop bottles and cans (we have a deposit law here)
  • move all the stuff for the garage sale to the storage room
  • organize the hats and gloves, make sure everything has a mate
  • clean out the paint closet
  • run cleaner through the dishwasher and washing machine
  • WT- shirt piles!
  • find all my picture frames
  • go through the 2 drawers in the buffet that are filled with pictures and scrapbooking stuff
  • find a container for the curtain rings to store until next winter
  • finish the 6 dolls I am working on
  • clean out my organizer
  • finish priming the bar
  • make the curtains for Max's room and the pillow shams for my bedroom
  • keep up with everything else.
  • color my hair

I think that's it, although I am sure that I will add more. Hopefully the weather will be nicer and the boy and I can get out and do something too...


drwende said...

Love love LOVE the new blog name!

Yeah, I'm looking at the Week 3 AT list, thinking, "I am sooooo boiling this down to 20 minutes' work and moving on with life." I admire your ambition!

Alana in Canada said...

Our snow is nearly all gone, thank goodness. I think if we had had more this weekend I would have gone mad. The husband and I talked about replacing the storm windows with screens, but decided it was a bit too early yet.
I too want Spring. Here. NOW.

Hope you can get all that done:given your energy, I think you can! You go.
(And you just reminded me I need to collect all the winter gear...and make sure everything has a mate.)