The electrical box suprise

I started doing a cosmetic redo of the laundry room in December. My husband ran a heat duct into the room and I started to repaint. During this time I found a surprise- a second electrical box hidden in the wall. By hidden I mean just that- it was walled up. My Mr's friend is an electrician, and when we bought the place he came out to give stuff a good look over, and to fix a few minor issues. He always said there was a second box somewhere ( which is good, because I want a kiln and the second box assures me I don't need any major rewiring) and in December I found it.
The laundry is a bad add- on to the house. Probably about 30 years ago. The walls are made of that horrible pressed fiberboard paneling. The floor is slightly uneven. The ceiling is low. The floor is yellow vinyl. The layout is bad. We want to re do the entire room in a few years- make it larger, add a bathroom etc... plus, the best views of the river are out my laundry room window! But, no $$$$ for a remodel right now, so cosmetic overhaul is the best I can do. The entire wall with the electrical box and the heat duct had to be totally refaced and made useful. My Mr. is almost done with that project.
The wall panel over the box now slides away if we need to access the panel. The wall is now actual wood, not fiberboard. When the trim is finished- I just need to prime and paint the remaining parts of the room and I am done. Yea!


drwende said...

WAY cool! It's like the Jungian dream where you discover unknown rooms in your house, only much more useful.

Alana in Canada said...

That is a lovely wall you're husband has built. He's talented! I love sliding panels, too. Good for you.

Isn't it frustrating though when the "best windows" are in a stupid place? Ours in in my son's room.

lorijo said...

I can't wait to tell my husband how you feel about the wall. He's learning to be handy around the house (it's his first house) so there has been a (steep) learning curve!