Sunday cure work

After having my terrific brunch of ham, biscuits, eggs, and hash browns, I decided that I needed to do something instead of wallowing and whining about my hatred of winter weather. I decided to totally clean my living room. And when I say totally, that's exactly what I mean. I removed everything from the room except for the tv and cabinet (which is strapped to the wall for babyproofing) and the 2 sofas. Everything else came out and this is what I found out

  • The cat SHEDS

  • crayon tips go everywhere

  • carpet is NOT cleaned after you vacuum it once. Even with a good machine it takes a few passes

  • clean the inside windows and the outside windows look even dirtier

  • crayon can be cleaned off the walls with the magic sponge, but it can change the color of the paint on the wall

I cleaned the window frames and locks (yuk), edged the carpet, and removed a ton of the boys toys to their rightful home in his room. I still have a lot of kids toys in my living room, but that's totally ok with me. It's his room too and he spends a lot of time in there with us. He should have his stuff. The walls of the living room need to be re painted, but I am going to wait until he is out of this crayon phase. I dusted and cleaned but didn't take down any of the winter linens or curtains yet because it's cold and icky outside and I think the summer whites would make it feel even colder inside.

So, I have one very clean room to start the cure with. Yea me.

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