What to do when the weather is bad

This weekend the weather was iffy at best. Snow, snow and more snow. Not a ton of it, but it was constant. Enough that I didn't want to really go exploring about. After my accident a few years ago, I have found that my driving has really been impaired. Not physically, but mentally. I love to drive. I used to enjoy driving across the country. But now, the minute we get snow I lose all my nerve and I just semi freak out. I can barely drive over an overpass- let alone a bridge. So, this is the kind of weather that keeps me out of the car and in my house.

I worked on my dolls this weekend, I have done 8 bodies. 3 are completed voodoo dolls, 1 just needs some shoes, 1 needs shoes and a shawl, and 3 are just blank bodies. I posted pics on my other blog http://creepylittlevoodoodolls.blogspot.com on flicker. I worked on cleaning my downstairs work room- that's where I sew mainly, but I also keep my extra supplies, clothes, and ebay stuff down there.

I am also going through my old planners and trying to figure out if I need one anymore. As I have written about before, I used to work for Franklin Covey. I taught some classes and was a store manager back in the day. I loved that company. I have some beautiful leather planners. I just don't know if my life really needs a planner right now, or something else altogether. That's not a decision I can make in just 2 days, I really need to consider it more. I am going to put a planner together this week, and use it for 30 days . That is what we always recommended and I don't see a need to deviate from that plan.

This week is a tough one at my place. My Mr. has a ton of work to do, some travel, and my parents are also on vacation. So, it's just me and the boy 24/7 . Wish me luck.

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Alana in Canada said...

I had an accident once, in winter. (Freezing rain, actually). Though I wasn't hurt (a miracle, really) I too don't like driving in winter, nor on freeways. Yep. Hibernation is good.