My Lamarthe Handbag/purses- purses 12, 13 and 14

Because the weather up here has been so unpredictable, we have been keeping close to the house (THEY say we are going to now have a big winter storm ). I am going to continue the handbag series since I stopped abruptly at number 11.

These are the Lamarthe handbags. Lamarthe is from France. They aren't found here in the US everyday- not as popular as say Dooney or Coach. You can find them a TJ Maxx sometimes because they aren't as popular here. The quality of these bags are amazing, and they have a large selection of styles. I have a few- here they are:

This one is a small clutch style green faux green alligator. It has a chain strap. I bought it because I didn't own a green handbag.

This one is a white leather tote bag. It's big, unlined with an interior pocket. I use this in the summer about one day a week. It's my casual tote bag. I love it.
This is a grey everyday type of bag. It's leather, a medium size, with a nice nylon shoulder strap and leather handles. Lots of pockets and places to put stuff. I don't normally do grey. The color tends to look odd on me. I changed my mind with this bag. It goes great with jeans and a black top, or dress slacks and a t shirt with a more casual jacket.
This one you have seen before- it's green patent leather- shiny and sparkly. Yea for being a girl!

I also have a spring/summer wallet- A lovely shade of yellow. Yes, I know, yellow is one of my no-no colors. But this is inside a purse. Besides- it's cheerful....

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