Purse entry- bags 8 thru 11- Francesco Biasia handbags

Here are my Francesco Biasia bags. I really do like this maker- so I have a couple.

This one reminds me of a saddle bag.

This one is burgundy/plum colored. It has black hardware.

This one is a larger tote style ( I have owned this for over 15 years.)

This one is an even larger tote style. I have had this one for about 10 years. This bag (and a few others) allowed me not to have to carry a diaper bag. I would just put a small waterproof zip pouch inside and carry wipes and diapers and an emergency bottle and binky. I still don't understand what women put in those gigantic diaper bags.

So I have a total of 4 bags from this maker- including the orange barrel patent leather bag I have already blogged about.

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Alana in Canada said...

I like all of these--but especially thatlast one--what an absolutely classy diaper bag!