Style Icon

Wende left me a comment on my jewelry post, pointing out that my pieces showed a clear style viewpoint. I started to think about that statement, because I have never really considered the possibility that I had a clear style statement at all. I have always had a fragmented wardrobe- due in part to the jobs that I have had I think, and the difference between my work and home life. Apparently my style was being shown in my jewelry.

Once I had that piece in my head, I started looking at some of my other choices.Who is also wearing pieces like mine that I could google ? (the internet is my friend some days).

After searching and much thinking I have a new style icon. One that actually fits my style aesthetic well (in my opinion) and actually my age (sort of ).

Lauren Hutton. I like how she wears her clothes. Her accessories are fantastic. She had made what some people consider to be a flaw to be a statement. She has aged gracefully, and naturally- she isn't botoxed tight and shiny. I have seen her in fantastically beautiful clothing and in jeans and t shirts. Now, the girl on the left is totally what I used to look and dress like. Yes, even that hair. But I would like to think I can grow up now and do it gracefully.


Anne said...

What a great choice, Lauren Hutton is gorgeous and she has really aged with class. I still haven't found an icon for my style but I'm totally jealous that you have ;) also, very cool jewelry. Seeing everyone post their stuff makes me want to go jewelry shopping (and I just might, but I need to figure out my own style first).

Alana in Canada said...

That comment Wende left was news to you? Isn't that funny. It was apparent to me...but I assumed it was obvious to you too. I'm glad she said what she did!

And what terrific inspiration Lauren Hutton is, indeed--though I would have bet she's 15-20 years older than you! But as someone to follow, yes. I think she's put down excellent footsteps.