My overs

Well, my over pile is not as large as I would wish it to be. Because I still don't own a proper winter coat. And now it's winter.

I have gobs of coats, just nothing very useful this time of year. Here is some of my pile. No pics because I have a migraine tonight and the flash will send me into a hell that there is no escaping from for hours.

In the front closet I have
1. A lightweight 3/4 length black trench/rain coat from Columbia. I just bought it this fall. It has a great limey green liner and it's nice looking.
2. A pull over fleece from old navy in navy. It was cheap. It is warm. It has OLD NAVY written across the chesticle area. It is oh so not a good look for me.
3. a washable suede jean style jacket in camel from Eddie Bauer. The color is maybe a bit iffy for my skin when I'm very pale, and I am not sure that jean style jackets are all that flattering on my type of body.
3. a jean jacket from Eddie Bauer. Again, I question the entire style on me.
4. A yellow rain coat that looks like I am the Gortons Fisherman. But it keeps me dry. And, the color is so loud no one will hit me with their car.
5. My Hobbit coat. Also from Eddie Bauer (thank you employee discount) It's wool. Grey, with a hood and goes to my calves. Warm, but oh so ugly.
6. I have my Grandmothers cashmere coat. Black, 3/4 sleeves, knee length. Very proper. I have worn it out.
7. Washable suede cowboy style shirt. Eddie Bauer strikes again. My favorite clothing item. It looks great over t shirts, it's perfect as a light coat. I love it.
8. Green (kelly) trench coat. Built in belt thingy in back, big snaps. Lands just above my knee. Fits nice, I like it, but I'm not overly comfortable wearing colors, so I don't wear it enough.
9. Classic trench by Ralph Lauren. Nice coat, but no belt- so it goes strait up and down - I kind of look like a tube of toothpaste.
10. Black, long, trench coat style light weight dressy winter jacket. From Calvin Klein. Nice enough, not warm though.
11. Grey wool motorcycle jacket from Liz Claiborn. What was I thinking?
12. Black, lightweight swing coat from Dana Buchman. I think I look matronly in this one.
13. Greenish suede jean jacket from Gap. Sale purchase. Usually lives in my trunk as an emergency coat.
14. Heavy corduroy blazer, by-wait for it- EDDIE BAUER- looks a bit preppy/collegiate to me. Not my style.

So that's what is in my closet now. I think that numbers 11 thru 14 will be donated. And then I have to find a coat. Something car length, in grey or black, that looks adult but not grandma like. And it must be warm........


drwende said...

Is Burlington Coat Factory up where you are? While their clothes-clothes have slid downward over the past few years, their coats still looked pretty normal the last time I walked through one. When I lived in Minnesota, that was where I bought normal, grown-up coats. (And then I mostly wore vintage fake fur from Ragstock, 'cause it was COLD.)

lorijo said...

I think we do have one in Grand Rapids, I forget about it because it's clothes have slid downhill- thanks- I'll have to take a peek-

Alana in Canada said...

I hope you don't mind me saying so, but given your description, I think you can also get rid of 3, (both of them) and 9. Grandmother's caot, if a sentimental favourite is a keeper until you figure out what you are going to do ith things which have meaning but are no longr useful.
Migoodness--I counted my husband's coats, once, and he has seven. I thought that was too many! I'm not sure what world it is I live in, honestly! Having choices is good.

lorijo said...

Alana, I think you are right, but I can't mentally part with the jean jackets yet- I think it's a memory of youth thing. I don't want to look like a cougar- but I'm not ready to start totally dressing like an adult yet. But 9, yes, I guess it's time. Women should not look like a tube.