Handbag/Purse number 6 - my go-to bag

Everyone should have a go to bag. The kind of bag that you know looks great with just about anything, will hold all your stuff, and requires little to no thought on your end. This is the bag I grab and carry when I don't know what I will be doing or where I will be going. It looks appropriate in downtown Chicago or downtown in my small town. It doesn't scream look at me ! Steal me- I'm expensive! But if you are a purse snob like me, you know that it's a nice bag.

I bought this years ago- maybe 10. ( I believe that good, solid, quality purses are the only item of clothing that can and should be purchased with quality and longevity in mind. An expensive sweater- no matter how nice- is only good for a few seasons. A quality purse can be used for a decade or more if you make the right choices.) It's leather and from Italy. It had these funky moving handles when I purchased it. The straps moved. I broke one of the strap mechanisms and took it to my shoe repair place. They couldn't fix the broken metal piece- or order a new one (mainly I think because they had never seen one before) but they told me they could remove the hardware and sew down the handles. I didn't have anything to lose really, the bag wasn't usable with one and a half handles. They did a fantastic job- even the thread matches. I think the repair cost 10 dollars. Well worth it. Shoe repair guys can be your biggest friend in the world and they don't get enough respect or business in this throw away society we have become. My advice to anyone is find a repair place that you like and trust and USE them. Many shoes and bags can easily and cheaply be repaired or resoled, and heels can be fixed- even cut down!

This bag has 5 little metal feet on the bottom, a dark brown lining with a interior zip pocket (that's HUGE) and a top zipper to protect your stuff. Great all around bag.

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