Wardrobe in 10 easy pieces- ok maybe 13

After thinking about this overnight, I have decided that I really can pick out a few key pieces for my wardrobe and really focus on them- their fit and quality. I have done a lot of windows shopping and finally come up with this list. No pictures right now. Thinking was hard enough.

1. Wider leg dressier pants. With some stretch and a lower waistline. But not super low. Black of course. Washable is a must. When I find them, I am buying 3 identical pair. (not 9, just 3)
2. Shirt. Button down, with enough shaping so that I look like I have a waist, and with enough room that I don't blow a button around my chest. No peek a boo allowed. Long sleeve, with a normal pointed collar. More than likely white.
3. THIN knit sweater. Slightly longer so that it flows over my waist, but not tunic length. V neck. In a great blue color and a chocolate brown, maybe even a great rust. Thin so it doesn't add any more weight to me visually, but thick enough so that any "back fat" doesn't show.
4. Jeans. Lower waist, DARK denim. Bootcut or straight leg. Some stretch to them. Normal pockets that don't have have any extra snaps or buttons etc... that would make me to "bootylicious"
5. Blazer. Probably 2 here. One a black gabardine with a little stretch, either 1 or 3 buttons. More professional looking. The other one is a leather blazer. Brown or tan. Large enough to layer underneath.
6. Shoes. Either lace up oxfords with a 2 inch heel, or a nice pair of maryjanes with approx 2 inc heel. Either one in black.
7. Tennis shoes. I don't know what kind yet, but they have to be white. As plain as possible. Very comfortable. I like Merrill, but they tend to put their name all over everything.
8. Yoga pants. Super comfortable, black stretch pants. wide leg, lower waist. Not tight at all.
9. T shirts. 2 kinds. One a heavier weight cotton with a v neck, the other a very light weight cotton. I need both long and short sleeve (not cap sleeved) and I would like them in Black, White, pink, light and dark blue, and brown and maybe even a pattern or two.
10. Dress. I know I need one, I just don't exactly have that one worked out yet. Probably a button up dress with some sort of self tie around the waist so I don't look like a tube. I would like to find a brown or navy dress.

In addition to these 10 items, I know I also need
11. A great big watch. I like men's watches. Metal band, no leather. Big fat white or blue face.
12. Winter coat. At least hip length. Black or navy. Rated for at least 0 to 10 degrees. Hood attached. This is more useful than stylish in my mind. But I don't want something hideous.
13. Everyday bag. I have more than enough of these already. I won't be looking for anymore this season.

So these are my items. Now I have to find them in person.


CQ in DC said...

I recently purchased 1, 2, and 4 at Target (in separate trips!) It might at least be worth looking; the prices were great and I was really happy with the fit of both the pants and the jeans (though they are same manufacturer, different size of course!)

good luck!

smallcitybeth said...

Great shopping list! Good luck with the shopping part!

curing what ails me said...

I also suggest Target for shirt dresses...this plum one is nice...http://www.target.com/Merona-Solid-Sateen-Shirtdress-Plum/dp/B000TR3GSC/sr=1-5/qid=1197033047/ref=sr_1_5/602-7583122-9586264?ie=UTF8&index=target&field-browse=1041790&rh=k%3Ashirt%20dress&page=1
At the store I saw a nice one by Mizrahi, but crisp shirt dresses don't flatter my non-crisp figure, I feel like a bon-bon wrapped in celophane in one...I like softer knit wrap dresses a la Von Furstenberg (with a slip of course). Suprisingly, they seem to flatter most figures, even zaftig ones like mine.

lorijo said...

thanks for the target tip cq and curing, I am going to town tomorrow and will put Target on my list! My husband and I are going shopping- we haven't done that since the baby was born.