My Christmas Vacation

We are lucky in my house to have a lot of paid time off for the holidays. My husband works at a university as a senior recruiting agent. Today will be his last day at work until the first week of January. It's nicer because he doesn't have to use any vacation time for this break. We try to get some real work done during this time, it usually doesn't work out as well as we hope, but we still plan.
This year we have 2 large projects to work on. This weekend is all about Christmas though. Wrapping gifts, and cleaning the house for the family. In addition I need to package the voodoo dolls I sold to Horror Mall and write an artists statement (since my brother in an artist I think I will rope him into this job) and if it doesn't get to icy this weekend- sledding is in the plans.
After Christmas it's time to get down to work. The buffet and shelves in the kitchen area are going away and a butcherblock table set bar height is going to be installed. The buffet has to go somewhere for the time being- I don't know if the weather will be good enough to get it outside and in the basement.

My office needs to be cleaned up since it's been trashed with bags of gifts and doll making supplies. This stuff is all unwrapped gifts for the most part (not the deer head, that's mine)

My kitchen needs to be finished. Caulk, trim and paint. It's a smaller job than it sounds.

Then there is the laundry room. Last weekend we found another electrical box hidden in the wall. Yep, we knew there was something funky with the garage wiring, and our electrician thought there was another box. Well, I thought the wall was rather strange and I opened it up on a whim. There was the box along with many many mouse signs. ICK! So , my husband has to build some sort of door so we can access this newly found electrical box, then it's painting time!

Still trying to decide on a color. I have about 20 gallons of paint to choose from at the house, it's just a matter of time. Then I have to organize that room. It's not working for me well right now. It's pretty tiny, pretty ugly, and has a lot of jobs to do. So I have my work cut out for me.
In addition there is just some regular cleaning, organizing, and oh yes, finishing potty training the boy. He's got #1 down pat, now we move on to # 2. Yes, that's about as much fun as it sounds like.


Alana in Canada said...

Wow. I'll be impressed if you can get all that done.
About the boy--at least you don't have to take him outside! Congrats on #1!

lorijo said...

Thanks! He has gone from diapers at Thanksgiving to being pretty close to "big boy" underware 100% of the time. I can't wait to have that extra money back!

I'll be impressed if we get this list done too by the way- I think it may be too ambitious for us this time around.