Merry Christmas to all

We had a great Christmas at our house. Big dinner, lots of presents. Actually, my son got tired unwrapping presents! He seems to like them, so I am very pleased. I am tired of hearing about Santa Claus though.
We are very busy doing home stuff this week. My husband has been cutting holes in walls and floors- putting in new heat ducts- and I have been painting my arms off. Today we had a "major snow event" so it was easy working inside- we couldn't really leave the house. I know we got at least 6 inches so far......
We still have a huge project to do- a bar height butcher block table that is attached to the wall by the kitchen, and a box to cover the heat duct going to the laundry room. The heat duct had to come up out of the floor and then through the wall into the laundry. Why you ask? The laundry room was an addition off of the main house and we couldn't go through the foundation wall to put in the duct. The laundry had no heat source and I don't want the pipes to freeze again, so I really needed a heat duct in there. We will see how it all turns out in a few days.

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drwende said...

Sometimes a cozy weekend of sawing holes in the walls is exactly what you need. The horrors of an unheated laundry room... ack!