Christmas home project updates.

This is the before picture- we have moved the buffet to the dining room by this pic and emptied the shelves. The shelves are going to be re purposed in the mud room.

This is the hole in the floor and wall for the duct work to the laundry room. My husband is putting up a cleat on the back wall to hold up the countertop (which weighs about 100lbs. Really, no lie) My son wants to help so much, he got out his "tools" and is driving my Mr. crazy.

This is with the legs. That is the countertop. See the duct? Coming out of the floor? Nice huh. (it's going to have a box built around it. Honest. )

This is it up.

Next is the wall on the right side, trim underneath the thing and trim on the legs. The legs I am going to paint- maybe white to go with the kitchen. The box for the duct is going to be painted the color of the wall. We have to also get a new monitor for the computer. The monitor I have works great but it's 10 years old and HUGE. I am going to use some of my Christmas money for a new, flat screen. Tomorrow I will update on the laundry room project. (some pics are already on Flicker.)


scb said...

Great progress!

drwende said...

Very nice! I always admire people who can actually make stuff or fix stuff.

(I didn't notice the duct until you pointed it out.)