Laundry room project update

This is what I started out with..... This is the first step-( this was just a cosmetic fix up. New paint, new organization, newly cleaned.......) the paint color was picked out by my 3 yr old.
This is now painted, the baskets organized, the small metal cabinets taken down over the sink and a pair of mirrors from my childhood home put up in their place. New artwork and curtains. The holes (which were everywhere in this addition) have been caulked and filled.

sorry about the bad picture arrangement. Something went crazy here. I can't seem to fix it. EEEK!

What do I still need to do? Fix the wall with the newly found box and mouse damage. Finish painting 2 walls- there is a "L" shaped walkway to the right of this picture. Find some new baskets or containers that I like, find a new laundry hamper to sort of match the one in the last picture. Organize a closet in the "L" walkway that is my paint closet. Then this little piece of hell on earth will be organized and functional. Did I tell you now it has heat? for the first time ever? Yea!


scb said...

Very well done! (Your son has a good eye for color.) and hearty congratulations on having heat!!!

drwende said...


It certainly looks organized and functional, so I'd say you've done it!