What I learned in WT this season

Just a few items I wanted to jot down- to put this season of WT in perspective. I will use what SCB and Dr. Wende did as a template- because it makes sense to do it that way and because it's easier. You know, semi-homemade.

My Look
I don't have a good name for it- but I know it when I see it now. And really, doesn't that mean more? I guess I would call it Rural rebel adventure. Denim, leather, chunky jewelry, t shirts, thin knits. This experience has made me really consider what I do day in and day out and dress for that- not my old life, or my imagined life. I am going to dress for my actual life. (and that doesn't need evening wear. )

My Colors
I used to wear black and white. Only. I have more black clothes than a living, non- goth, woman my age not living in New York should have. Now, I still have a basis in black and white but with a healthy helping of browns and blues for my neutral colors. I need to branch out even more and with my skin tones I should add rusts, some oranges, deep reds, olivey greens to the mix. I look better in fall colors. I honestly don't know what I am going to do when spring comes....

My Shapes
Nothing boxy. Semi fitted (not tight) to show my waist so I don't look like a gigantic box due to the chest size. V neck knits. No crew necks. No empire waists for me. Longer jackets and blazers- at least to the pocket of my pants- not the waistband. I don't look good in the "shrunken" clothes that are so hot right now. Not that "big momma" clothes are what I am looking for either....
My Patterns/Textures/Fibers
I don't wear any. No prints. No patterns. No real textures. I like cotton. Linen makes me look like a bag lady. I am ok with man made fibers in my cottons. I am not a huge fan of wool. I have a habit of liking t shirts with prints on them- not sayings really, but I am a fan of concert t shirts under a leather jacket with a nice denim pant and sandals. Don't make fun.
Level of maintenance
Can I say none? I am a wash and wear girl. I don't mind hanging stuff to dry instead of the machine, but that is about all I am prepared to do. I do about 10 to 15 loads of wash per week, I don't have time for much else.
I have blogged those before- look to the right-no left (whoops I changed the template-sorry).
That I will continue to improve my wardrobe and look going forward, that I will learn that "close enough for who it's for" really isn't good enough. That I will have pieces that work together and fit my lifestyle so I don't worry about what to wear anymore. I am still learning but I am also enjoying the process.
Random thoughts
This has been really nice. I am so not done yet, but I have had more fun shopping these last few weeks than in the last 5 years. Thanks everyone.


drwende said...

I am a fan of concert t shirts under a leather jacket with a nice denim pant and sandals. Don't make fun.

That sounds like roughly the definition of Rural Rebel Adventurer, so there's nothing to make fun of.

lorijo said...

thanks- I needed to hear that....

scb said...

Sounds like you've really got things sorted out. Good for you. (And since you do so many loads of laundry in a week, I'm really glad you've got the laundry room well on its way to being a good place to be!)

Rural Rebel Adventurer is a cool name.

I like what you say about dressing for your real life, not your past life or your imagined life. I have a bit more work to do on that...