I am finally pile free (does that sound dirty....)

I had my parents come over to do the grandparent thing so I would have some time to actually look at some clothes in detail. With a 3 yr old running around, sometimes that is just not realistic. I pulled all my knits onto the dining room table and made piles of like items. Now, I wear a lot of knits, most weeks that's all I'll wear. Easy and washable is my lifestyle right now. Jeans and t shirts fit that bill. I would just like to look a little better wearing those items. First off I threw out only 2 shirts (one was stained another had a hole), then I looked at those piles. Black, white, some brown, and few light light blue/aqua shirts for the most part. Of my t shirts and sweaters only 2 have a pattern. One is a new t shirt that is (of course) white, with blue and black patterns. The other is a heavier cardigan with some black, white and red in the pattern. Very wintery looking. All the rest are solid color with no pattern.

My big, thick winter sweaters are all hand me downs from my husband, so you can imagine how they look on me. Thick knits, crew necks, huge shoulders. I am keeping 3 of them for sledding and stuff but not for wearing out in public. But the rest-gone. I have a pretty large pile for the goodwill of just knits - maybe 15 pieces or so.

This is my list of keepers

short sleeve t shirts - 6 are good. 3 white, 1 tan, 2 black, 1 white w/ pattern. All are pretty new and can be worn for a while. 6 are iffy/velveteen rabbits- 3 black,1 blue,1brown, 1 grey.

Long sleeve t shirts. I have a total of 9- 5 v necks that are iffy 2 blue and 3 black, and 4 crew necks 2 white, 1 black and 1 brown. I have to replace my long sleeve t shirts. All of them. The v necks are showing their age, the crew necks are just plain ugly.

Sweaters- 6 medium weight sweaters, including a camel colored tunic and a light blue/aqua tunic, the other 4 are borderline velveteen rabbits. I am going to be on the lookout for 2 nicer sweaters this season to replace 2 (or all of the other 4) that are yet to be determined. 1 lightweight sweater in white that I love. 3 heavy weight sweaters that are housebound or sled bound only. I am not going to look at replacements for those though. They are what they are.

Jeans- 8 pair of jeans I am keeping in rotation, with 3 of those velveteen rabbits. If I can replace just one pair of those with a new pair that won't creep down my butt when I bend over I swear I will get rid of all 3 of the rabbits. I have put 5 pr of jeans in storage for 6 months.

Dress pants- Dressy, I am keeping a pair of brown dress pants, grey cuffed pants, 1 pair black pants and the rest in storage for 6 months. Casual- one pair khaki, one pair brown, (they are identical Eddie Bauer) one pair black dockers, one pair Tommy khaki cargo pants, one pair of velvet jeans from old navy, and the rest in storage for 6 months.

Jackets- I am keeping a green trench type jacket, a green 4 button blazer from lands end, a tan jacket from picone, a plaid blazer from picone, a blue casual shirt jacket from unknown source, a black suede western shirt (that I love and wear all the time) and a tan suede jean jacket. I have many others but they are going to storage for 6 months. I NEED a black jacket and I must have one quickly. It is a large hole in my wardrobe.

Well, that's as far as I have gotten right now. I plan on going through my 3 drawers of crap clothes next- you know the king that you keep for


2 cleaning.

3. painting.

4. sleeping.

5 all of the above.

More later-


Alana in Canada said...

Wow! You attacked your clothes like I do things that need paint!

I have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of things you have--but, that's my problem, not yours!

Glad you got some time to do this. It sounds like you really want/need to get on top of things and to the bottom of what you need.

Good for you.

lorijo said...

It's funny (at least to me) that I didn't realize until recently that I actually owned a lot of stuff. My parents own a TON of stuff, but it was never like what you see on "clean house", it was very neat and orderly. My friends were just as bad or worse than I am regarding clothes. I really just thought that this was normal.