A home "cure" post.

With all the HOOPLA over wardrobe cure, I have let a few projects get lost on the back burner. That, and I have been fighting a cold and the time change kicked my butt this time around. But I am getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday home improvement push, so I have to get my lists together.

1. Finish the paint job on the kitchen.

2. Have my Mr. do the beadboard backsplash and soffit covers. ( a smaller job than it sounds as my kitchen is only 8ft by 10ft and a galley.)

3. Clean and paint my laundry room. I have the paint, it's sort of greying blue. I also have to paint the trim in that room and caulk.

4. My Mr. bought a 5 ft by 3 ft. piece of butcher block from a friend of a friend who was re doing his kitchen. The butcher block is beautiful (it was his island) and will be put up as a bar height shelf/table on the side of the dining room opposite the kitchen. He is putting up a knee wall on the dining room side, a cleat on the backwall, and we have to decide on a leg for support on the living room side. This butcher block is SO heavy- I haven't measured it but it looks to be over 1 1/2 inches thick. But nice, and dirt cheap!

5. I have to haul out all my Christmas crap. There is about 10 big old rubbermaid tubs of assorted stuff. Not all comes out. I don't want some of my glass ornaments broken by my 3 yr old, and I don't want him to feel bad if he accidentally broke one either, so my decision is just to store them for a few years until he gets a little older.

6. I have to finish pulling in all my yard stuff and get the porches all winter ready.

7. I have to do something with what is in the top picture- that's a vintage cast iron bathtub that I got as a "present" this summer . A friend pulled it out of one of his rentals and brought it to me- thinking I would use it in my garden ( or put a statue of the virgin mary or Elvis in it) That is as far as it got because it takes 3 people to move it. I think I am going to put it under those trees on the back side over by my rock garden. Next spring I can decide whether to fill it and plant something that will trail over the edges, or go and put it up on one end and put a deity of some sort in it.

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