More and more shiplap

My little ranch is turning into a farmhouse.    Honestly, there isn't much difference. I like the shiplap (always have...even WAY before Joanna....I'm from Texas ya know?). The shiplap in the dining room now gives that room some character.  All that needs to be done now is a few pieces of trim...trim we don't currently have...so I took the final pictures anyway.  We are finishing the trim this weekend..and building a shiplap wall in the bedroom..... so there will be more pictures next week (hopefully) ....

These are some before pictures...there have been MANY before pictures sadly... when I bought this house, this room was the living room....and it had tri colored shag carpet and the west wall was a wall of smoked mirrors.... so, there have been many, many changes in the past 13 years....


The picture below was when my Mr. built my current dining room table (reclaimed lumber and a very old cast iron base that was painted red) . That is the west wall and the north wall. 

The picture below was what the room looked like before the shiplap. That's a 48 star flag... it now resides somewhere else. This is the East and South walls. The south wall is where you enter into the kitchen/tv room 

SO now the AFTERS... 

This is the west wall, from approx the same place as the first picture. 

This is also the west wall, I traded my Dad a 1940's blue medicine cabinet for this Jelly cabinet. My Mr. and a friend of his made the steelhead sculpture for my birthday last year.  I realized too late for this photo that the art on the right was too small.... I have since changed it out to a larger black and white block print....and yes, that's a box of Star Wars puzzles in the chair seat. ORIGINALS...don't judge me. The winters are LONG.... 

Below is the South wall. The map is from the 1930's, the table is a post office sorting table from the 50's. 

This is the East wall. The buffet is marked "Detroit Industrial Furniture" and I have never come across another piece of it . 

The only picture I don't have is of the North wall, and that's because it's boring. It's just a wall of windows with Grey drapes on it.... so there's that. 

Anyway, this is what I was working on...now we're moving to the bedroom, and the living room. 

onward and upward. 

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