Words I hate.

Here are some words that I hate. I hate to hear them being used. I try to never use them. I wish they would just go away. 

1. Curate. If you don't work for a museum. don't use this word.  You don't curate what you have on your coffee table.  You can collect items, you can remove things.  It is an editorial process, but don't tell me you curated your music list. You didn't.  You can put things together. Most people who use the word  "curate" are just regurgitating something they heard. Don't be that person. 

2. Spaces.  You have a room. You have a house, or a garden, or a yard. I hear spaces, and I think of industrial complexes or office buildings, not someones beloved home. 

3. I hate it when people use the word "literally" incorrectly. You do not literally  work your ass off.  He is not literally driving you crazy.  Don't add superlative words you don't need, or don't understand. 

4. Viral. If you send your cousin a video, and she sends it to three friends, and that's where it stops....it did not go viral. Viral is ....psy gangnam style, or grumpy cat. Actually, just stop talking about things "going viral" if you are over 12. 

5. Hack.  " I hacked that Ikea cart into a rolling beverage tray" No, you used the Ikea cart for a bar.  Or," how to hack your breakfast " instead of  "here's some tips on how to make breakfast/easier/faster/better for you "  What's worse than "hack"? LIFE HACK. PLEASE. stop it now. You mean tips. Here are some TIPS. 

6. Bae. This is just stupid if you are over 12. Don't use it. 

Listen, I know that language is fluid and changes with the times. But words have power, and you have to use them correctly. 

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