The kitchen cure 2015

I'm actually not a huge fan of Apartment Therapy.  I'm not going to go into the myriad of reasons why. Sometimes though, I do the Cure that they promote.  I do it on my own time though ,and rarely get involved in the "community" over there...... I started work in the kitchen this week. Late. But as I said, I am not actually following their cure.   Here is a link to their post.  

They put the cleaning and organizing of the kitchen into two different days/posts.  I have a VERY tiny kitchen, so I wasn't worried about the time frame.

I did clean and organize the entire kitchen and pantry. I scrubbed the floors and cabinets. I cleaned my fridge. I organized the pantry and moved some stuff around. I made a list of things that I need to do, but can't until Spring.  

Now, I'm not done yet. Mainly, because I can't figure out what I really want to put in my open shelves. I feel like I want a change, but I also have to think of ease of use.  So....thinking is putting me behind schedule. I can actually live with that.

Before- Pantry....

Yes, not pretty. This is the size of a decedent walk in closet.  The floor space is approx. 4x4 ft and there are 6 built in drawers and then the shelves that you see. The one wall is pegboard for my pans. I actually like this pantry. It works, and has storage. 


Not only did I clean and organize, I put some of the food in storage jars and cleaned the drawers. 

Then, I went to work in the kitchen itself.. I cleaned out the drawers and threw away a few icky wooden spoons. 

No before pics...sorry. 

I just need to figure out if there is a better way to put these dishes in these cabinets. I also oiled the butcher blocks.... 

And I made pizza. 

Half with onions. 

I will have more kitchen pictures later....this weekend we have work in the basement scheduled. Fingers crossed we actually do it. 


Alana in Canada said...

Good job! That pizza looks fabulous. I should make us a pizza soon.

thefarmersdaughter said...

thanks. we don't get pizza delivery out here in the sticks....so I learned to make a decent pie. I just hung my kitchen artwork- it's a very old metal sturgeon spear. It's turquoise and very fabulous! I'll have to post soon.