Smaller houses and simplified lives.....

I have a pretty small house.  A bit over 1000 sqft on the main floor, and another 800 sqft or so in the basement (that legally doesn't count, but that's another story). So, for a family of 3, we have enough space, but just enough. It's a 3 (very small) bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom home, with a full dining room and living room. It does though, have the very smallest kitchen I have ever seen. EVER. We call it the one person kitchen, and that's no joke.

Anyway, what I am getting to, is that I have a small house, with some storage, but we have a TON of STUFF.  As my Grandfather used to say, 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.  We have a ton of technology- tablets, smart tv's, smart phones, gaming systems and on and on. Now, these are sort of necessary, as it's horrible here in the winter, and we all need something to get us through. As I type this, we're in the middle of a blizzard.

Why am I going on and on? We just had the roof re done this past week. The Amish came and in the worst weather possible, stripped off the shingles, and put up a new metal roof.  It got me thinking. Do we need all this stuff? Do we? Can we have SOME stuff, but not this much? I mean, does my 10 year old son really need 17 pair of jeans?  11 sweatshirts? Do I need over 100 pr of shoes- especially since I only wear 6  or so?  I'm thinking that there are people out there who really NEED the items that I have stored in my tiny closets.

It's time for new years resolution's, and although I rarely go in for those kind of things, I think this year I might make a point of simplifying my life, and my possessions.  I just need to make a plan.

More soon.

Happy New Years!


Alana in Canada said...

Hooray for decluttering! If it no longer brings you joy--why keep it?

thefarmersdaughter said...

It's not a huge start, but we went though the boys closet. I purged out 4 pair of jeans and 2 prs of Khakis. 3 shirts. He has entirely too many clothes. I need to just stop buying them for a while. He has this entire wardrobe, than an entire new one in the next size up waiting in the wings. I'm out of control. It needs to stop.