The hottest summer on record

It's over 90 again and it plans on being over 90 this entire week. This is the hottest year on record. All I can bring myself to do is lie on the floor with a fan and the a/c going. The boy (who doesn't do well in the heat at all) is right there with me. I don't want to see another episode of "annoying Orange" as long as I live.

 We don't have a pool, but it got so desperate we filled up a truck bed liner and had a "hillbilly wading pool"

It was a joke. The boy is trying to "plank". BUT the well water is so cold that if you step in to your ankles you DO cool down immediately.  And that is a VERY good thing. 


Colleen said...

hmmm...it is 86 (feels like 105) here at 6:23am, and we should hit around 115 today...

The Farmers Daughter said...

oh, it must be hotter than a ring of hell over there.....but here? We melt at 90. It's supposed to be like 80 tops. It got to 98 today. We are not built for that kind of heat.