Pimm's cup

In honor of the weekend, I give you Pimms number 1-

I love Pimm's. It's gin based with herbs and stuff. Yummy. You can mix it several ways depending on what you have around your house and they are ALL GOOD. 

I like mine with lemonade and a splash of tonic. I made it by accident one night. A regular Pimm's Cup is a shot of Pimms, in a tall glass with ice and ginger ale, cucumber slice and a lemon peel. Add lemonade to the mix and you get a Pimm's cup- New Orleans style. I didn't have 7 up one night and added my tonic in it's place. I like it that way best now..I have heard, but not tried, sprite or 7 up in the place of ginger ale is very good too..

If you are feeling fancy- 1 1/2 shots of Pimms with champagne and a lemon peel and you have a Pimm' s Royal

I once had a Pimm's cup with a shot of Pimms, lemonade and mint leaves. Super good.

There are recipes out there that include cranberry juice, passion fruit juice, orange or pineapple juices, and even rum. Pimms plays well with others.

Anyway, it's a refreshing summer adult beverage, and it will be excellent to be sipping on the back porch watching the Mr. fix the gutters this weekend.

Have a very happy 4th!

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Cookbook said...

Pimm's is amazing! <3