I am so tired of painting.

My project, repainting the bedroom. I followed the "experts" advice 4 years ago and used flat paint on my cruddy walls. After all, "you won't see so many defects that way". I knew flat paint isn't so washable, but I figured, it's not the boys room- how dirty can it get?

Plenty.  So, I'm repainting in a satin that is washable this time around. The room is also going from blue to a green/tan color.
I am also painting the useless door to the 1/2 bathroom the wall color so it doesn't stick out, and all the trim in the house is being repainted white . Why does this job suck so much? This room is 9 x 12 and the bed (a queen) can't be moved out of it. I have to paint around it.
This is a footboard that I found in the trash. Yes, dumpster diving so to speak. There is a tiny amount of wall between the bed and the big black fabric artwork hung over it- it will be filled nicely by this footboard turned headboard. I just have to sand it a little and stain it. Not a big deal for me and I have all the stuff, so it will be FREE when it's complete.


Anne (in Reno) said...

Man that is a lot of painting. And I don't envy you having to work around a bed! Good luck getting it all done,I'm sure it'll look great!

LOJO said...

thanks. I have about 90% of the first coat done- and it's hard moving around that bed I have about 18 inches to work with on one side and about 24 on the other...