I'm so tired of

Direct Tv calling me every damn day trying to get my business back. There was a reason 9 months ago I quit them- they called me all the time. Now, that I'm not a client, they still call me all the damn time. EVERYDAY this week alone.  I let the poor guy on the phone today have it. Not proud of myself, but they have to stop.

I am tired of "cause" bracelets. I can't keep the colors straight anymore. Breast cancer, lance armstrong, autism, regular cancer, Haiti,diabetes etc, etc..etc...I didn't even know there WERE that many colors.

I'm tired of all the commercials on broadcast tv that are horrible. If we have to watch them- and we do since I don't have TIVO- at least make them interesting.  More talking babies- less gold buying.

I'm tired of hearing about those silly tea partiers- like 9000 people sitting around in the desert in Nevada is a worthwhile news "events"

I'm also tired of everything little damn thing being a "news event"

I am tired of the fact that we only get news on tv about us. A few things about Europe. Little about Russia or China, and nothing about Africa or South America.  South America is connected to us. We share part of a name- how can they ignore that entire continent on the nightly news?

I'm tired of political parties in general.

I'm tired of hearing pundits confuse climate with weather.

I am tired of conservatives bashing teachers and unions.

I am tired of gas prices going up every damn Thursday right before the weekend.

I am tired of  driving a regular car. Wasn't I promised a flying car sometime in the 1960's? If I can't have that why can't I at least get a reasonably priced electric car?

and most of all-

I am tired of waking up at 5 am to get the boy to school and I'm afraid today it shows. The Mr. took him to school, I am not volunteering today and he is going to pick him up.  Spring break starts at 3:16 this afternoon. I need it bad.......


Middle Aged Woman said...

This is the time of year I was totally dragging my butt in the classroom. And the kids are SO tuned out and ready for vacation. Enjoy the break! Oh, and switch to NPR for news. I think Big Rapids has a station ...

Anne (in Reno) said...

Sing it sister! I'm not going to go down the list and agree with each point specifically but YES!

And enjoy your spring break! Sounds like you deserve it!

drwende said...

With ya 100%. And you've captured why I've given up on TV news -- with online newspapers, at least I can go looking for what I might like to know.

My rule with Significant Jewelry is "if you want me to know what it stands for, it is your responsibility to tell me." For people I view regularly, I will make an effort to remember the meaning of frequently appearing pieces. But that's it.

LOJO said...

Big rapids doesn't- but Mt. Pleasant does. Problem is that they don't play news all day- classical music from 9 to 5. But you're right, NPR makes my blood pressure go down to acceptable levels!