It's time to get back to normal.

Yes, I'm still cleaning cat hair ( Tommy had a lot of hiding spaces) but today is my day for my wardrobe therapy post, which is a good thing, because it made me find a lost pair of pants (they got in with my husbands dress pants by mistake) and gets my mind off losing the cat.

This week is bottoms. I have always thought that I didn't have a lot of pants- but like everything else to do with my wardrobe- I was wrong. Here it goes.

These are my jeans, khakis and cargo pants. I have 4 pair of everyday levis. (top left in pic) no holes, no wear, hems are still in good condition and they fit. They are staples. I just found out (TODAY) that I fit into a 5th pair of levis that have been camping out in my closet. They are very dark wash and very, very low cut. With a button fly. I think they might be too young for me, but I'm willing to give them a try. They are a mystery of the shopping trip as I don't actually remember buying them.
I have three pair of rabbity jeans (top middle) - two pair of black ones and a pair of lighter weight lee jeans. Showing their age. I'm keeping one pair (for working in)- I just have to figure out which one that is.

I have one pair of navy jean style pants from Talbotts. They are comfy and staying, but again, I don't remember buying them. (bottom right)
2 pair of flat front khakis from Eddie bauer. one light, one dark. same pants. light ones fit better. Dark ones are staying though, they aren't bad, just not as good as the light ones-staples (top right)

4 pair of cargo pants. (bottom left)  2 black pair that I got last year for 8 bucks each at the VF outlet in Pennslyvania. I wear them ALL the time and they not quite rabbity, but going down the path soon. When I'm back out in PA this summer I will be looking for more. There is a clay colored pair that is the same- but not, because they don't fit as well either. They are leaving. Then there is the Tommy Hilfiger khaki cargos. With eyelet lace  on the pockets. I don't know, they fit, I wear them, but lace cargos?
True mystery piece- dark brown bootleg cargos that can be rolled into capris. They wrinkle and I don't think they are staying. (middle bottom)

Two pair of denim trouser style pants. One by Lee, the other Gap. I LOVE THEM. Need

more. They are darker in real life than here. Wide trouser legs, slash front pockets, trouser back pockets. It's all good. Staple.
Dress pants.

Two pair of black cotton/mix Docker bootleg, lowcut pants. LOVE THEM- staples.   
2 pair of dressier black pants. They fit, and are in great condition. staples
two suits. one charcoal, one brown. Fit fine, nothing spectacular, but fantastic quality and if I ever have to find a job or go to a business event- there they are. None of these pants are faded- although you couldn't tell by my pic- it's just they are all different shades of black.


Here is where I fall apart. I have 4. Two black knit ones- they are fine, good knee length, good condition, and I wear them instead of shorts. Two DIVAS the solid brown and brown pattern skirts. Great style for me, but they go with nothing. Except t shirts.

Oh, forgot I own a pair of capris. Here they are.

Go ahead, ask me what flavor crack I was on when I bought these. I will say strawberry. In my defense, I think I might wear these riding my bike. Plus, they were a thrift store buy for 3.29. The original tags were still attached and someone else paid 39 dollars for them first. I look like a piano legged dwarf in capris, so this really does amaze me I even bought a pair.

What I take away.

18 pair of pants I am keeping, 4 skirts. No dresses. (can't wear them) I am getting rid of at least 4 pair of pants and maybe 5. Not bad since it's not even 10am.
I need to find a few new pair of jeans in a dark wash that are a bit more dressy and bring down my levi pile to 3 pair. I'm old, I need better pants.


drwende said...

Now you know why I only wear t-shirts with skirts!

The pattern on those capris is really cute... for almost any other function than pants.

scb said...

*thud* *tries to imagine owning that many pairs of pants* *fails miserably*

but then, where would I put them?

Anyway, you've got a great foundation of staples there! You rock!

LOJO said...

Wende- I know! what the hell was I thinking? I figure I'll wear them with a black t while riding my bike this summer (capri's don't get stuck in the chain etc...)

Anonymous said...

I came across the WT thread last night.

Perhaps the capris would enjoy a trip to the beach? With a t-shirt or something floaty on top, like your torture device - not so revealing with a swimsuit layer.