It's a wrap-

First I am going to wrap up the color portion of the week.

Colors I can wear-

Colors I actually wear-

I have to figure out how to move more of the colors that I CAN wear- into the colors that I WILL wear and DO wear.

I still have to go bra shopping, so that part of week two won't be finished until about week 3 or 4 I'm guessing. They don't make a lot of bras in my size-unless you count those elastic torture devices that apparently only 70 year old women wear when they want their boobs to bobble around their waists. 

 I used to be able to get a reliable cotton bra--in an underwire- in my size (!) by Playtex. It wasn't sexy, but it wasn't an eyesore either. It did exactly what a bra is supposed to do, and only that,but now even that's not available.  See,  I have a double issue, the size and the fact that I want it made of cotton. Something is going to have to give.

As for the lounging clothes-I purged. I kept a total of 9 pair of pants. One is rabbity-but it's covered in pictures of sugar skulls so I had to keep it until I can replace it with something fun. So, it came down to 7 pair of black or brown cotton yoga pants (1 pair is capris) one rabbity pj pants and one pair of grey sweats.

 Shirts were tougher. I kept 5 tissue weight t shirts. They aren't perfect, but are the best of the lot. ( I am going to try to totally replace this season though) I kept 2 long sleeve t's in black- one is new, the other is in nice condition. I kept 3 white cotton guaze tunic tops for the summer. Good for lounging and for swimsuit cover ups. No stains, rips or anything.  Right now, I am washing 3 sleep shirts. If they wash up nice, they stay- if they don't wash well, off they go.

thanks everyone- the purging needed to happen. Maybe I will find that I don't even need all that I kept- but it's a start.


drwende said...

It's a start. Once you're regularly wearing the survivors, you may feel differently about them.

I'll admit I did some compromising on the bra issue, but at least it wasn't into those awful molded cups or anything that suggested 70-year-old nun!

Middle Aged Woman said...

I really need to take my friend Laura shopping with me to help me with the colors. I am so clueless, but it seems that all my Superstar tops are either green, blue or purple, all very rich and dark. *sigh* Time to shop. Maybe I'll go thrifting!

scb said...

Good luck with the bra shopping. I have yet to find an underwire bra that isn't a torture device -- those wires kill me. Do you actually find them comfortable?

My word verification is WORABLE, which I believe refers to clothing that was wearable once, but is no longer in that category. Good for you for getting rid of so many Worables!

LOJO said...

yes, I am comfortable in underwires. The key to them is the key to any good fitting bra, the band must be snug (so the wires don't gap and land on your ribcage and your boobs don't drop underneath the wires).

see, in my past life as a retail goddess I managed a womens store and we did bra fits. (in addition to the toy store, western wear, Franklin Covey and Eddie Bauer. Remember, I was in retail for 20 years)

I hated that time of my life, but I gained knowledge. ( I only stayed a year until I found something better- I found I couldn't lie well enough to sell women clothing- or even to force my salesladies to lie to sell womens clothing)