I have a wardrobe therapy question.

I wear lounge clothes a lot. Every day.  Inside the house only. Yoga pants, t shirts or light sweaters. You know the stuff. Comfy pants and tops.  I wear the same kind of stuff to bed too- Mostly t shirts I guess.

For the longest time, I have been wearing my older, worn out t shirts for my lounge wear. You know, the rabbity stuff. I now have DRAWERS of this kind of crap. so here is my question-

Just how many "weekend" comfy shirts and sweat pants should one person have?

Please, keep in mind that although I wear them daily, I do own a washing machine.



drwende said...

You need enough for your normal laundry cycle plus a margin for boredom. So if you wash pants every two wearings, do laundry once a week, and get a little bored, you need roughly 7 pairs of pants (4 to get through the week, 1 to wear while doing laundry, and 2 for boredom). Adjust calculations as needed.

Mella DP said...

Are they all rabbits, or are there some more passable items in the mix? If there are, how many would you be left with if you tossed most/all of the rabbits?

If that leaves you nothing to wear, what Wende said.

scb said...

I like what Wende & Mella have said about pants.

As for shirts, I'd say twice as many as pants as a minimum. Well. technically you could get by with less, but...

Are we looking at an entire warren filled with rabbits, or are there some that are not rabbity? How many do you have if you separate the rabbits from the hmmm... we need another term here. Anyway, more than 14? Less than 14?

LOJO said...

ok, I think just about every t shirt is a rabbit. Not one of them can go out of the hutch anymore. The pants aren't bad, I just got rid of the worst of the lot (although I just noticed I have to sew this pair of yoga pants I am wearing)so I'm less worried about he pants I guess.

BUT there are no good shirts. None. There are some that are less bad. (the one I am wearing now has a pin sized hole in it and a little faded- that seems to be the general condition of my flop around shirts)

should I just chuck the majority- go with Wendes calculations and then maybe get something nicer to flop around the house in?

Anne (in Reno) said...

So there are none in which you would leave the house at all? I'd go with prior poster's calculations numbers-wise but I'd say if you don't want to be seen in the shirts they should go. We have enough random visitors that I figure if I don't want to be seen in it then it's reserved for nasty toxic painting projects only. And I only need one or two for that.

LOJO said...

well, I get no random visitors, but I think that I need to get rid of the most awful ones right now- this weekend after this discussion.