Cure week 5- it's the officespace week

I know that I'm actually doing the one room cure. I understand that, but when I read the cure posts and see that it's office week- well-my office needs help too. So does my computer desk in the kitchen and my bills desk in the dining room. I think I have to add office week to my to do list this week. Here are my before pictures-

This is my actual office. The tower of white boxes is stuff that is on-or going to be on-Etsy. The rest is just crap.
This is my "bills" desk in the dining room. The tubs are Etsy stuff that need to be put in the shop, the dress form needs to go to the sewing room. The crap on the desk- that's the big issue.

This is the computer desk. It's actually been cleaned up once this week. This table is just a crap collector. I knew it when the Mr. built it- but I didn't think it would be this bad....

I have a lot of work to do this week huh?


Alana in Canada said...

Once you know where everything is going to go, it's just a matter of getting it there. So often our flat surfaces are just "holders" waiting for us to make decisions.

Looking forward to seeing your afters. You have some gorgeous bones under all that clutter.

cowgirl in wellies said...

Week 5? Where did week 4 go? I did nothing. Yikes! I can't even think about the office space as it will be holding the contents of the closet that will house the new heating system. Just as well I'm off on a girlie holiday this weekend so I can't think about it.

LOJO said...

a girlie holiday sounds fantastic!

have fun!