5 down, 5 to go

It's the next group of 5 questions- good thing too- SCB is going to wear her fingers to the bone cleaning! Also, my husband is in the hospital now -as I write this- having a CAT scan of his head. He's been ill and they have some things they need to check out. This will get me mind off it. Why aren't I there you ask? The boy. Flu is rampant here and I am not taking him to where sick people go and sit.

Here you go-
What is the first movie you ever saw in a theatre.
I don't know. The first one I remember is "Star Wars". My Mom, Dad, my brother and I went to go see it. That in itself is amazing because I think that is the only movie I remember my Mom and Dad going to- either with us or without us. They are not movie people. Now, Dad watches DVDS, but my mom could care less.

oh- because I lived in a small, small town and it had one theatre, with one screen- "Star Wars" played forever.

What's the book that had the biggest impact on you?
When I was very small it was "little house on the Prairie" books. I read them all. They were yellow, paperback and I had the entire series. I loved them.
When I was about 12 or so I read "Gone with the Wind" , "The Godfather", and "The Stand"
Later, I would add "East of Eden" to that list of books. I loves these books, I still have copies of them by my bed. Really, they are about relationships, trust, and good vs evil.

I never was into the entire Judy Bloom thing, or VC Andrews and those damn kids in the Attic. There wasn't really any teen vampire stuff back then, and things like "Catcher in the Rye" and "Lord of the Flies" just didn't do it for me.

In what fictional place would you like to vacation, and what would you bring back as a souvenir
I don't know really. All I can think of is that I would love to go to the beach. Any beach. I would bring back sand.

What place (where you live) gives you joy?

My back yard, down by the river. Or, the upper peninsula. It's beautiful up there. quiet.

What's your drag song?
I don't get this question. I guess "It's raining men" by the Weather girls. I have always liked that song.

That's it. Thanks for helping me kill 15 minutes!


scb said...

You have much more sophisticated taste in books than I have! (and Lord of the Flies made me shudder, I don't even like looking at the cover of it when I see it in a bookstore...)

The places where you live that bring you joy sound lovely. I love that feeling of peace one gets from certain places.

I hope your husband will be all right, and that you'll all soon be healthy! *gentle hugs*

And I do wish Hammie would weigh in on what on earth a drag song is. I'm going to go over and check Hammie's Blog and see if there's any clue there.

Mella DP said...

Oh dear. Poor man. (Please, though, continue to keep it on that side of the lake...)

It's Raining Men was a theme of ours in college - in engineering school, it's a refrain said more often in exasperation than in exuberance.

LOJO said...

The cat scan has nothing to do with H1N1. He is having very bad headaches and problems with his vision. They are looking for a tumor or an aneurysm. Hopefully they find neither and he needs different glasses.
I hope to know something more by Friday.