See the etsy link?

You know, up in the upper right hand corner? The big blue button? Hit that and it will go to my etsy shop- Bigreddogvintage. I just loaded some of my fabric collection for sale. More stuff will be coming in the next few weeks. I have to move some of this stuff along.

It's just living in boxes here and it seems unfair. Someone will have the time and energy needed to do something with the fabric- and all the cool stuff I have lurking in boxes will make someones day brighter. But that won't happen if I don't let them out of the boxes and into the world. Stuff has got to go. Come visit- if you have suggestions pass them on to me!

can you tell I've been watching Hoarders?


drwende said...

Good for you! My stash is already too big, but I applaud you for doing this.

LOJO said...

I'm going to re do my sewing room. When I started looking at the tubs of fabric, I knew it was time!