A kitchen mini-cure for Culinary Therapy

Today was a stay at home day. Take the kid to school (we are lucky in Michigan in that we have "schools of choice" meaning I can send my kid to ANY public school I want to. In any district or city. I don't have to live there, but I do have to get him there. No buses. We decided to send our kid to the larger of the cities around here -bigger tax base-more diversity-besides, it's the school system we ourselves went to) and then go to the grocery store.

On a good day, I can take the kid in, go to 2 or three stores and be back in two hours. It's pouring and cold today so I decided to stay for the day after shopping. The pantry was a sty.

and if this is a mess, it's hard for me to do anything in my kitchen that resembles cooking. I put away the groceries and cleaned the fridge and freezer. I try to do that every month. It should be every week, but that's just not possible. Then I turned on the pantry. Everything out, then everything back in. I filled up a garbage can full of boxes, crushed napkins, etc... and got a few things to put aside for the garage sale. Mostly though, I just put everything where it needed to be after obviously slacking on this for a while.

I made a school lunch area-
a breakfast area- (triscuits are a lunch thing- but didn't fit)

canned good drawer...

box stuff drawer...

I can walk in now!

Oh- here's the fridge and freezer-

and before I forget- here are the cookbooks that I keep in the pantry- I have more but there are in my office because they don't get used as often as these do.

So, is this the bones part? I don't know, but tonight I'm making a ham with sides and stuff, and for dessert I'm trying that bread pudding made with glazed donuts. South beach diet be damned!

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Alana in Canada said...

That's fantastic. I love looking at Things Being Organized. Good for you.