Salsa and sauces

I decided to make some salsa fresca today- we had some leftover grilled chicken and I wanted chicken tacos for lunch. The salsa in the fridge was, well, suspect. It ended up in the garbage and I can't eat tacos without salsa. Luckily, I had all the ingredients in the fridge. There aren't many- tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime, cilantro and jalapeno. Cut it all up roughly, and put it in any amounts that sound good to you. It's not hard.

Since I had all the ingredients out, I decided to make some tomatillo sauce for tomorrow. That will go over some chicken tomorrow, with rice and veggies. That has everything above, except for tomatoes. It uses tomatillos (the big green looking tomatoes) instead. You cook everything except for the cilantro, then when it's done add the cilantro. (some people don't like cilantro-it tastes like soap to them. Cilantro can always be removed from a recipe-you could add in parsley- or just leave it out)

So, I'm already trying. Fresher ingredients, with less red meat.

Now, this weekend will be a giant fail for me. We are having a garage sale, and that means sandwiches, chips, and if I am lucky- some fruit. Fast and portable is the mantra this weekend.

gotta go out and price some crap in the garage. More later....


drwende said...

The tomatillo salsa sounds yummy!

I would argue that recognizing that an activity is not compatible with cooking provides an exemption from the simple menu items qualifying as Toast. For the garage sale, you're not letting things go and wandering the kitchen aimlessly -- you're acknowledging that sandwiches are the realistic plan.

LOJO said...

good, I was wondering if that was toast.