I am totally obsessed

I have found the perfect decor for me. After doing a touch of the windows shopping I found this
There is oh so much more at the above link. I love, love, love this house!


Alana in Canada said...

Waaah. I'm so jealous. Not of the interior--but of the fact you have found your inspiration! It certainly is gorgeous. But I was just about to write a post on my frustrating process of trying to find pictures of my own!

Oh well. I am happy for you--if a bit surprised. I thought you liked more colour. Has that changed?

lorijo said...

I like color. I was thinking that this house would be perfect if it were a bit warmer in color actually. I can't have all white- the light is not good enough in my house and the boys are dirty. But I am in love with the decor in this place.
Right now, I am going to work to simplify.