The basement is full of toxic dust

before- north side of basement. B4
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The basement started this weekend looking like this ( well, with more crap strewn around-this is after we cleaned it up )Stage one of the basement re do is getting rid of the carpet and painting the floor.

We pulled up all the carpet and the pad (which was amazingly NOT disgusting-no water damage or pet damage and the pad was intact ) and we got to this-

Ok, it didn't look like this. We actually had a rather nice cement pad with no holes or major cracks but it had long strips of carpet adhesive on it. The section above had 3 long strips-each 8-12 inches wide that ran the length of the space. The Mr. used gallons of adhesive remover and scraped-then he sanded the entire floor. He killed the sander yesterday doing it and the entire room is covered in toxic dust. Tonight we clean it. Once it dries (a day or two) then we can paint this section.
Sadly, this is only half of the basement- we have another identical section to do next week....


Alana in Canada said...

Oh my heavens. That's a huge project! Youza. Is it the carpet adhesive which makes it toxic?

lorijo said...

it's the adhesive remover. That stuff is nasty. Yes, it's huge, the area we are working on is about 700sq ft (ish)there's more to the basement- but that's not getting worked on. The nice thing is that about 100 sq ft or more has no adhesive- it's just the pad so it won't be as hard.