The back deck

back deck
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This year I repainted the picnic table and my Grandfathers table in red. It has had an amazing effect on the back deck-much more alive and inviting than ever before.
The farthest table was my Grandpas at his cottage. The table could be 60 to maybe 100 years old. It is pretty much held together with metal plates (I installed) and years of marine paint (he painted).
Every year he threw on a new coat of red marine paint (any color as long as it's red" was what he used to say) . When I got the table I couldn't find red marine paint- only blue. Not wanting a blue table, I painted the tops a light tan. It was horrid.

This year I found a gallon of this brick red exterior paint on the mis tint rack at lowes for 5 bucks for the gallon. I had intended on painting my front door with it- then thought better of that. I have painted these two tables and my bird feeders and poles with it though- and I just love it. Just not enough to paint the front door...


drwende said...

Wowza! It looks really good!

Love the new header (and apologies if it's been up for a while and I haven't noticed).

Alana in Canada said...

Perfect! It's a wonderful punch of colour.
I like the header too--almost Hitchcockian--except they're pigeons, aren't they? Have you seen Bolt?
Loved the pigeons in that.

lorijo said...

haven't seen bolt- right now my kid is watching an old (50's)horror (kind of but not really) film called "the brain that wouldn't die", so that should give you a clue what I'm living with

thanks about the header. Yes, it's new. I changed up the color too- I think I am wanting my whole life to be lighter and brighter!