Sunday afternoon Art- Ed Sullivan with a mystery! Help me O Canada!

I got these about 9 years ago. I have always loved them. Matter of fact, when I first saw them I didn't want to spend the money and I "stalked" them in the gallery for about a month before I broke down and bought them . They are small 3x5 ish and pencil and paint on wood with a small metal hanging apparatus.

They are signed by Ed Sullivan- now, I have no idea who that is. I have googled but found nothing. They are dated 99 and they are from Gabriola Island BC apparently because that is on the back- along with some letters that I can't read-

any ideas?


scb said...

One assumes that it wasn't the Ed Sullivan of TV fame (who I'm sure died quite some time ago!) Gabriola Island is off the coast of BC. I'm off to try and figure this out... there's nothing like a good mystery!

scb said...

Well, apparently he is indeed a Gabriola Island artist... there are about a gazillion artists on Gabriola Island (those islands tend to attract artists like flowers attract bees). Here's a link about a Gabriola Island Colouring Book to which he contributed art http://www.soundernews.com/content/archives/2000-03-31/gabriola_colouring_book.htm

I also found a mention of his name as a volunteer sorting used clothing for the Gabriola Island recycling depot, so his heart is in the right place. Didn't find anything actually showing any more of his art, or telling more about him, though.

I googled "Ed Sullivan" art Gabriola

lorijo said...

thank you- I had googled him a while back but found nothing so this little bit is fantastic!