Rustic Modern decor- re decorating on the cheap!

Well, we have lived in the house a bit over 5 years, and the dining room is finally clean and mostly finished. The same with the kitchen. There is some painting to be done yet, but with it being -8F outside, painting will have to wait until spring. Here are some pictures-

This is obviously from the front door. The paintings of the women are my work, the posters on the orange wall are my brothers at mojohand.com

Another poster of my brothers. The wooden lamp came from Target- clearance for 12.48. The 6 items on the wall are some of my finished art dolls, and the large grey piece is Ikea fabric stretched over a frame. The green buffet is an old Bassett dresser that I repainted and put new hardware (also Ikea) on. The cow was a gift from my Mr.

This is the view when you come into the house.
The orange piece is Ikea fabric (2 yds at 7.98 each) over a scrap wood frame we built. The desk in the corner is very, very old. It's actually 2 very old pieces that were married to each other that cost my Mr. 10 bucks at at a thrift store. The table I got for 40 bucks from an antique dealer- it's not old- it's from Pier 1 originally- but he got it when he bought out a womans house and sold it it me- the orange Herman Miller chairs were 4 for 50 bucks, the cream colored Herman Miller stacking fiberglass chairs were 20 bucks for 3, and the black fiberglass chair of unknown maker was 2 bucks at a garage sale- it rocks back and forth and it's super cool. Right now, we use as the naughty chair.
The Bamboo blinds were on clearance at Lowes for 6.57 each (down from 30+ each) and the curtains are Rodeo curtains that were on final yellow tag clearance at Marshalls for 2 bucks. Oh, the large white shade is from West Elm. It was 5 bucks on final, super duper, gotta get this gone, markdown.

Another view-

This is the view into the living room. You can see the white bar table my Mr. built to extend the kitchen.
In the bottom left corner is the base of a Heywood Wakefield china cabinet. My mother has the top portion until my son can be trusted with that much glass.
The heart painting is another one of my brothers. He did that after his first divorce and when he "didn't need it anymore" he gave it to me. I have since put it into a very nice, heavy, thick black frame.

The work I still need to do in the room is to repaint all the trim white. And maybe look for a new rug under the table, although, since my dog is very old, and very bad, I may wait for a while so he doesn't ruin a new rug.
Next time- the kitchen!

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