My name is not earl- but I believe in karma all the same

I decided I needed to up my karma quotient this week. Long before Earl, I tried to live my life by "do good things and good things happen to you" . Sometimes it works- other times - not so much.

I decided this week to stop in to the local thrift store that benefits the local womens shelter. With these little places, I find that it's a good idea to stop in and see what they need before dumping a big donation on them. I specifically wanted to know if they needed womens dress clothes and suits. I don't wear mine anymore and I don't feel the need to store them for a future that may not include them in it. I had a small conversation with the woman who runs the place and sure enough- big demand for those items.

Today I went back with a load. A suit and a dress skirt (with tags still attached), 2 black shift dresses, 3 dress shirts, 5 pr. black dress pants and 9 blazers. She asked me what I used to do for a living and I told her. The look on her face when I told her I used to be a district sales and training retail manager was priceless. She asked if I could come in and help out "spiffing up" the place.

I spent an hour there this morning, moving around her fixtures, trying to help her visualize her space and options better, and lowering all her fixtures (which were way to tall and kind of dangerous) and explaining certain retail truths- like you can't sell if if people can't SEE it, people don't so much wear dickies anymore, and a shelf of used shoes on display in the front don't really drive people inside your store.

You see, I hated the customer service part of retail- but LOVED doing the plan-o- grams, book work, budgets, and floor moves. A properly set up store will make more money with less staff, and that's what everyone wants these days.

When I left they were moving fixtures and working on new displays. I told her I would be back next Wednesday for a visit. I may decide to volunteer if they really want to fix this place up a bit. And, fixing this place up will make them money. And money is good.


drwende said...

Very cool!

Colleen said...

excellent and it sounds like you really enjoyed it as well- a win win for everyone!

lsaspacey said...

Good for you! You did a great thing and it WILL come back to you.