Things I learned when it's -21 F outside (with the windchill it was -35F)

1. No matter what you wear, you will be cold outside.
2. When it's this cold- the deer in my area will try to come inside- in my case, they were trying to come in my front door. They were ON my front porch.
3. If your garbage can is anywhere near your heat register, and the heat is going all the time due to the cold, your house will REEK of hot garbage.
4. When you can't take your kid outside due to the cold- neither can anyone else. Pre school turns into a zoo of crazy, cooped up 4 year olds in less than 72 hours.
5. Even if you turn your car on and allow it to run for 30 minutes in your driveway PRIOR to getting into it to go anywhere, it is still not warm. Hell, it wasn't even not cold.
6. I miss spring......

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