Everyone loves food, everyone loves a meme- 2 great tastes that taste great together?

It's a meme for the weekend-

1. What is your favorite comfort food? Loaded baked potato, and by loaded I mean butter, cheese, sour creme and bacon. Lots of bacon. Oh, and chives.

2. Best food smell memory- It has to be the open pit at the Salt Lick in Driftwood. They smoke the meat inside the restaurant, oak is what they burn- and they throw wet pecan shells on the fire to damp it down and make the smoke. The entire place smells of meat and smoke.

3. Most likely to eat for lunch? Something frozen- like a lean cuisine or something that was on sale at Meijer's ( 6 for 10 bucks). If nothing was on sale, then a ham and cheese roll up.

4. Least likely to eat for lunch? Something I actually have to cook (other than microwave) or something with more than 3 ingredients.

5. Food that makes you gag. Those tiny little sausages- I can't remember what they are called- but they are the kind you sometimes see on buffets. Also, I try not to eat food other people make. If they don't work in a restaurant I probably won't eat their food. I hear my Grandpa was the same way.

Extra Credit-

Favorite food scene in a movie OR favorite food lyric-
I don't have one, I just thought I would toss this in! Everyone have a great weekend!

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Rebecca said...

How about:

Back when the Chess Club, said our eggs were soft
Every Monday he'd say grace and hold our juice aloft
Oh, none of us knew his checkout time would come so soon
But before his brain stopped waving, he composed this tune:

When the toast is burned,
And all the milk has turned
And Captain Crunch is wavin' farewell.
When the big one finds you
May this song remind you
That they don't serve breakfast, in hell

I love Captain Crunch! LOL