Resolution 3

Here are my 3 resolutions for the new year. They are similar to the resolutions of probably about 75% of the American people this year. Sorry for being redundant.

Res. 1 Be tidier- clean thoroughly. I am sick of the mess. It makes me jumpy.

Res. 2 Lose some weight. To be healthier and since my family history is nipping at my heals. You would think the cancer would have made me take better care of myself. No, it made me take better care of my son. Now it's my turn.

res. 3 Spend less money. The money I do spend I want to think about more. Having fewer, better quality items instead of tons of junk. In conjunction with this I want to try to purchase more items made by hand, locally grown or sold.

SO, to tie this up with a bow- A cleaned, edited, organized kitchen, closet and life. We will see...

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