Being at home is deadly to style- at WT truth if there ever was one.

As I read those words of wisdom from Wende, I realized that was exactly what I had been thinking all week long. It's even worse than that though. Where I live is deadly to style. I can honestly say that I have seen under 10 nice, put together-thought out-stylish outfits since I moved here- almost 6 years ago. Ill fitting poly-blend pantsuits. Flat slip on shoes -Dr. Scholls type but worse. Cheap faux leather purses- or dirty fabric ones. Denim that is too long and has been "walked out" shorter. T shirts with glitter. Holiday sweaters. Scrunchies. More polyester than you have ever seen before. Entire outfits from Wal-mart. Clothing way to big or way to small. Pj's as sportswear. That's what I am up against.

My day is like this
  • wake up and 3 days a week get the kid dressed and out the door for pre school. He's gone for 3 hours. I still haven't figured out what to really do with those 3 hours per day. Friday I went out and did a little shopping. Usually I just go home and drink more coffee and love the peace and quiet.
  • I clean the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, do the yard work and cook all the meals. None of these jobs require an outfit nicer than jeans and a t shirt. I paint with the boy, cut out construction paper stuff, play games, and do "homework" . These jobs also require a certain casual clothing option.
  • I sell vintage denim and mid century stuff on Ebay. Again, no reason to dress. Where I go to find this stuff requires me to dress very, very badly.
  • I make my art. This actually requires some really crappy clothes that I am willing to sacrifice daily as some of the stuff I work with stains.

My problem is that not only do I stay at home, but I come from a family that always changed into comfy clothes the minute we walked through the door. My husband is the same. So even if we all went out and went somewhere- the first thing we do getting back home is dive into sweatpants and t shirts. Jeans and t's if we think we are going back outside to the yard. We don't stay in our nicer clothes longer than we have to. I never wear shoes in the house. So, it feels like I stay in my PJ's all day long- even if they technically aren't.

I can't change that. But it makes me feel sloppy and unkempt. So, I have a few things to work on.
1. I have to get nicer "comfy" house clothes. Maybe stuff that matches. Throw out the stuff that's close to being rags- stained, stretched, etc....
2. work on my "outside" clothes. I need items that are appropriate to the weather, but pulled together and nice. Colors, some patterns (plaid?) . Items that are easy but nice.
3. Shoes. A big problem I have is the flip flops. There is nothing sloppier and lazier than flip flops. But I have feet issues- arch and lymph issues. I have a fine line to walk there. No heels, no "dress shoes", but nicer, actual shoes are what I need.
4. Fit. I am in between sizes. I am way different on the top than the bottom. I am going to work on finding clothes that work with my fit. I started yesterday by going clothes "trying on". Notice I did not say shopping. I was looking at different cuts, sizes, colors and patterns. It's a pain, but it really has to be done.


drwende said...

The thing with jeans and a t-shirt is that choosing the right ones makes all the difference. I am reasonably hot, in a "would you like to try the seasonal ale?" way, in my Beer Is Food t-shirt. I look like a dork in my Sean Tevis for Kansas t-shirt and am going to have to rip the neck out of it.

lorijo said...

The cut and neck are so important to a t shirt. I love my Obama t- but it makes me look like a grey sack. I wore it under my leather jacket to not look so dorky before the election- now, it'll go in a box for posterity I think.

Now I am working on jeans. The placement of the back pockets determine how large your butt looks, and I have to find jeans that don't look like I'm a tranny from the front.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I now spend an excessive amount of time stalking the sales rack at J Crew for their overpriced (but really well-cut) t-shirts. Also there is a website called Martin and Osa where I have found what appear to be nicely cut, well-made t-shirts and they always have coupon codes floating around the internet, as well as free shipping. I am becoming a t-shirt snob since so many of them look so miserably bad on me even if they looked cute on the hanger. Threadless, I'm talking to you.