It's time to play catch up!

I brought my Dad home today from the hospital. It's been 11 days. He had a double bypass and everything is going well. That plavix stuff really messes with you though-they normally don't do surgery until after you are off it for at least 7 days, but my Dad's artery was a mere thread compared to what it should have been so they did the open heart at 5 days. My Mom has been staying with me for the past week and we have been driving back and forth everyday. I am so glad it's done. I love my Mom, but she just had to go home.

The septic and drain field are done!!!!!! Finished, inspected -the whole works- and on time and UNDER budget-( 1700$ less than we had thought) I can wash whenever and what ever I want- and flushing is no longer a luxury! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I am going to Chicago- shopping, relaxing, museum going. A trip to Ikea probably. I can't wait. Anything to keep my mind off the current financial and political crisis.

oh- and the best news yet- another 8lb weight loss for me!

That's my wrap up. I will have a better post soon- I promise.


drwende said...

Phew! You are very much out of the woods!

Chicago sounds wonderful but I have no useful input; I've only ever been there for conferences, and all efforts at exploration are a sleep-deprived blur.

Mella DP said...

Great to hear some things have worked out and you've got some breathing room. Let me know if you want some Chicago recommendations!

scb said...

I'm so glad your Dad's surgery is over. I hope things will be good for him from now on.

And, oh how good it must be to finally get that septic problem fixed. Yikes that's been a long time. You deserve a medal for dealing with it all this time!

Looking forward to hearing about your Chicago trip -- have a wonderful time!